Doggie Daycare & Lodging


Daycare/Lodging Routine and Activities

7am Individual outdoor walks and breakfast

8am-11am Morning Activities like ball fetching, chase me games, running, A frame climbing and group or individual off-leash play

11am Individual outdoor walks

12pm Lunch and/or snack time

1pm-3pm Nap time! Yes it’s important. Quiet time and good rest helps your dog feel their best.

3pm-5pm Afternoon activities and play groups

5pm Dinner time!

6pm-7pm Free play

7:30pm Individual outdoor walks

Doggie Daycare $18 per day per dog
Daycare, 3 times or more per week Packages and discounts available, just ask us!
Overnight Stay  $30 per night per dog and add $15 for daycare per dog on the day of pickup
 More than one dog?  No problem! Shared space is $25 per night per dog for each additional dog
Daycare activity extras  Fit Paws, games/puzzles, outdoor hike, goodnight cuddles, frozen yogurt kong and more!
 Pet Sitting in your home (Elkhorn area only)  1-2 dogs  $17 per visit.      3-4 dogs $20 per visit.

Pet sitting service is provided by Lucy Knull. Please contact her directly at 262-325-0496